Sharon Etherington

Sharon Etherington

Sr. Manager, Regional Administrative Services, Fleet and Travel at Roche Diagnostics Operation, Inc.

Sharon is the Sr. Manager, Regional Administrative Services for  Credit Card, Fleet, and Travel, for Roche Diagnostics US.  Sharon has been with Roche Diagnostics for 15 years.   She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration,  awarded the AFLA Fleet Visionary Award in 2019, and the AALA Fleet Safety Award in 2020 for Roche Diagnostics. She serves on various committees within NAFA and AFLA.

Sharon believes focus and effort on collaboration with key stakeholders (drivers and key leadership) is of utmost importance to overall success, as well as, partnership and alliances with other Fleet Managers across the US, along with global colleagues, and your FMC.

Roche Diagnostics strives in all areas of our business to ensure that the patient is at the core of everything they do.  This goes for Fleet as well. 



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